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Exchange ActiveSync problems

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i am posting this on this section as there is nowhere for the A40 phone. I have also posted it on the Galaxy Note section 
I have recently bought a Samsung A40 phone. Android Pie OS.
I have used Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to sync my Outlook email successfully but next to calendar it says “Sync is currently experiencing problems, it will be back shortly”
This message has been on the phone for days now.
Although I can access my calendar via the Outlook app I would prefer to be able to sync my calendar to the built in calendar app.
Any suggestions or advice.

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I'm using an mail-address and the A40 is not syncing contacts over Microsoft Exchange AtiveSync.

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Hello Earl1, 


I have similiar issue, I am using Outlook app too on my A40 phone, but my issue is, that when I receive an email, my phone just vibrates and the screen is not waking up, I have silent mode on my phone. I would like to wake up the screen everytime, may I kindly ask for your advice?


I can tell, that I "solved" the problem with calendar this was - I set up the account in Outlook App, and in built app named Email, then all my meetings are shown/synced in built in app Calendar(because of app named Email). My next step was cancel notification from this built in app Email, because I am using Outlook and I do not want notification from both email clients. And that is. Of course I am not sure if this solution will be good for you, but better than nothing.



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Contacts syncing works now.

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I have now the Problem, that when I put apoinments in the A40 calender app, they don't sync to the Exchange server.

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