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A few days ago I bought a C43J890DKU type monitor. I installed the Easy setting box which is very useful. Unfortunately I have some problems with it but I have not found any topic about it. So I created


The first problem is using Chrome. Sometimes it works, but mostly not. It simply can not be assigned to a screen area. In a German topic, I found a question about it and there was a response from the moderator: Chrome does not support Easy Setting Box. But it sometimes works! For me it seems to be a program bug. It would be very good if this could be improved because it does not worth so much!


My other problem is that sometimes the programs go out of their assigned area. So they can cover a little bit of each other. It's not as confusing as the first mistake, but it should be improved.


Has anyone encountered these mistakes? Is there any solution for one of them?

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(Fujitsu pc, Windows 7, i5, NVidia graphics, 2 different monitors)


Hi - I have a LS24H850QF.. and the Easy Setting Box works with one and two screen configurations (selectable independently) and I think the screen 'partitioning' is independent of any application including Chrome (afaik). It works with re-sizing any program window to the set size.


However - not without other problems:


(1) Within many porograms I lose the doubleclick option to select or open e.g. opening mail within Thunderbird or selecting words within a browser (e.g. Firefox) or other programs where you expect double-click to perform some action. It works in Word however.


(2) You don't automatically get a horizontal scroll bar to see what might be hidden out of window where it won't fit a small window (e.g. mail client). YouTube/browser resizes fine.


(3) If you try to reposition a reduced size program window within the space (i.e. not minimised or maximised) it automatically maximises (snaps) to max window size with no option given.


I turn off split screen when these are problem, and use another attached monitor for side-by-side or multi-task view.  e.g. watch TV catch-up while working.


Any comments please?




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