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Samsung HW-Q80r soundbar not recognizing input devices thru ARC to Samsung TV


I'm at my wits end...

I bought a new Samsung QLED TV (Q80fn) and the new Samsung HW-Q80r soundbar. I connected a Roku Ultra to input 1 on the soundbar and a cable box in the input 2 on the soundbar, then ran the HDMI cable from the ARC output of the soundbar to the ARC input on the TV. The problem is that the TV does not recognize either of the input devices from the soundbar, but if I connect them to the TV directly, they are recognized and registered. I don't want to use an optical cable as that defeats the purpose of having Dolby Atmos, ehich is only available thru ARC.

Any suggestions?

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My situation might be related...

Just set up a newly purchase Q80R TV with HW-Q60R Soundbar. TV is not recognizing HDMI devices and Soundbar doesn’t work on the HDMI ARC connection. The optical connection works once manually configured but power is not turned On/Off with the TV remote. The Samsung tech support via remote connect worked on my new setup for over 1.5 hours with no luck. Solution was to mail me (2-3 business days) a firmware patch that is supposed to fix these problems. I really like the picture quality but will be returning the equipment to Best Buy if the firmware patch doesn’t work. Not paying $3000 for equipment that doesn’t work correctly.

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