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HW-N850 | Issue with spotify Connect & volume control

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Both My wife and I own a MacBook Pro and an iPhone, and each of us have one account associate under one family plan in my house. 

Generally we play music using either our Macbook Pro or iPhone to connect to Spotify Connect built-in the Samsung HW-N850.

We often switch between my devices or her devices (i.e. My MacBook Pro/iPhone or her Macbook Pro/iPhone) to play music via Spotify Connect on HW-N850; however, the issue we encountered since day one we brought the soundbar home is that, once I play music from my devices via Spotify Connect, and my wife's devices are unable to spot spotify connect in spotify apps. This happens to both of us. So the only solution we can do is to unplug to power off the power socket of the soundbar and wait for 1 minute to plug it back if we want to switch account/devices to listen to music. 

Seems like the once the soundbar remembers the Spotify ID and won't accept other ID once it's manually reset. This has been very annoying and we can't fully enjoy Spotify Connect's convenience on the soundbar, which was one of the major reason we bought it.

The other thing is once I use any device to connect to the soundbar to play music, I can only using either the button's soundbar or the remote to control the volume. The volume would suddeny go up very loudly (up to 45 from 10 on the souldbar's volume level all of sudden) if I adjust the volume via iphone or Macbook. 

Is there any solutiont to fix these two solutions?

I encounter the same problems.
Somebody else wrote on another forum:

I have found out that the Music volume settings in iOs do matter. If you go to Settings > Music and set a limit to the volume (e.g. de EU setting at 70%), I found out Spotify Connect uses that setting (it was at 100% before). I have tested it and it certainly changes. So, set this volume to 50% and you won't be suprised. Redicolous it has to work this way. Deezer does not have this problem.

I didn't check it yet.
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