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Workout problems

(Topic created on: 29-08-2020 01:50 PM)
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For the last 2 weeks I have been unable to remotely start or record a workout (running) on my Galaxy Active Watch. Auto detection does not work anymore (although 'on') and if I try to start a workout the screen goes blank. When I synch to Samsung Health on my phone nothing has been recorded. The log on my watch hasn't been updated either. This is very frustrating as this is the main reason I bought the watch!


There are lots of similar posts but nothing specific and Samsung never seem to reply anyhow. 


Have tried to clear cache, restart, disconnect etc. Can anyone help?


This is another reason why I'm not 100% pleased with the watch! It doesn't provide all the features you want to track your activity e.g. distance, average speed etc as your running but instead focuses on steps. Also, it often provides multiple distances for the same run route,  continues to track time when you've stopped when auto pause is on and swimming only worked a couple of times. 


So I have spent a lot of time searching this forum for answers. Come on Samsung up your game and fix these issues!