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why do samsung allow cheating on samsunghealth challenges

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trying to understand why Samsung provide a service like global step challenge and then allow cheats to dominate the board every month.. it's not rocket science that if someone dies 200000 steps a day they are cheating or if on average they have done 2 steps a second , every second eithout sleep since the challenge opened they are cheating. why don't Samsung care about this and stop it ? it puts a lot of people off using the service

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Yes he must have thighs thighs of Steel! I'd love to hear from him. Or any if the other mile a minute people.
Very good point! The shoe manufacturer should cash in on that lol 🤣

Wow, it's not even 12 in the afternoon and they already have 315,000 steps. #lifegoal   I have cheated on games like Monopoly before so I understand how it can sometimes be fun? But it's  only fun if you don't get caught. Plus, these are personal challenges. I never cheat myself. What's the point?Screenshot_20180402-105752_Samsung Health.jpg


I can do 15000 step every second day and these bloody cheats ***** me off to see 150.000 step on one day. Cheats.

*****. Walked round the world today. 40,000,000,000 steps. Left the phone charginh at home. Bit disappointed.

Samsung is still allowing cheating in the global challenges. The cheaters are skewing the averages. Really annoying. Screenshot_20180405-083827.png


Is there a way that we (the honest ones) can become friends on Samsung Health to follow each other - our own little competition amungst ourselves - friendly of course :smileyhappy :smileyhappy:

Would think you have to search for user(s), then add them... Also there's a way to generate a qr code, but not sure how that works...

48479 is my most steps in a day that was 40km 

So simple math tells us that BlackCat walked more than 100 km on average per day in April...

Samsung can easily check this and delete BlackCat's account IMHO, because this is beyond believe.

And even if BlackCat (or MrBoki for that matter) would be great athletes, who sport all day long and do that for a living, would it be reasonable to believe that they would use a Samsung health tracker to measure their achievements? Don't think so...

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