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Watch Active insane battery drain after update

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I recently updated my watch and ever since I did my watch only lasts about 3 hours. At 6am during my workout it's at 100% but by around 1pm its already dead. Anyone having this issue please advise on any solution. Btw I did not have this issue before the update. Thanks

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I am not having Samsung watch but anyways, have you tried to reset the device? That is very likely to fix your problem ...... It is happening with smartphones sometimes after update and unfortunately only reset helps
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I had something similar on my GW. I did a full reset on the watch and installed the apps again and at the moment I've had no issues.
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I have the same issue, with my Galaxy watch 46mm, it has done this a few times now. It hardly seems worth resetting...there was not even 1% left. 

I thought I was upgrading getting the latest version, the battery is never that good (less than 48 hours). I was delighted with my previous watch this new one is just a continual disappointment: poorer battery life; intermittent sensor operation; continual need to reset and reinstall .


Hi, I have the same problem since last update, reset and reinstall and stills the same. I will not accept to have a device that is lasting 6 hours when it was 30 hours before! 

Samsung, we need a solution fast, if not I will return mine and require money back, the verified performance of the battery is not even close to what is on the official specs so...



I can't explain why but I had this same issue for a couple of days and now the watch is behaving. 

In fact it was way less than 6 hours, I was charging every time I sat at my desk. Now it is behaving, true I am recharging each night but last night it claimed I still had 72% charge (despite doing 13k+ steps) . I will caveat that by adding the drop off for the last 30% is very sharp. 

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