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Sometimes I get heart rate and sometimes steps. What am I doing wrong?

(Topic created on: 05-05-2020 07:47 PM)
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I have a new Galaxy Active 2, which I am connecting using the Google Pixel phone. Samsung Health works fine on both. And, I can get the heart rate reported from the watch to my phone. So, the connectivity seems to work.


Here is my problem. Today, when I went for a hike, I get speed and elevation charts, but not the heart rate, on the app.  Saturday, also when hiking, I got the heart rate, but not the speed and elevation charts.  Is there any setting that controls this? Does it matter if I start the hike by telling the phone or by telling the watch?


What I would really like is to get speed, steps, and heart rate when going for a walk. But, I can't seem to get them at the same time. I tried starting the walk on the phone, the watch, and via auto-start on the watch. There is no consistency that I can find.


Is there a setting that I am missing?  Does it matter how I start the exercise? I have the heart rate on continuous.  Thank you in advance.