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Show all steps on gear S3



I don't wear the gears s3 while jogging because I use a different running watch. But I have my mobile with me.

So the steps made during running are recorded in S Health, but not on the Gear S3.

At the end of a day, my watch says that I  still have to do some steps to reach my goal. Even though I have already reached largely my goal in S Health. Thats a bit frustrating.




In S Health it is possible to sync the steps of the mobile and the Gear, so that you can see the total amount of steps on your phone.

Is there a possibility (other than wearing two watches during jogging :winking-face:) to have the total amount of steps (mobile and gear) also on the gear?

 If not, I think that would be a great option.






By coincidence the Gear S3 was updated with Tizen 4 yesterday. Not sure if it's a coincidence but the steps are so far much closer to 'all steps' than before (in my case All steps refers to a Samsung phone and the Gear S3). With Tizen 4 and the Gear S3 there is no option in the settings to use 'all steps' and the target for the watch is identical to the target for all steps on the S7 ('all steps' cannot be viewed in Samsung health on the Gear S3 as far as I can tell). 

From what I saw here, the next version was the Galaxy Watch and Tizen 4 and this functionality wasn't included. 


you can still get them on the phone by selecting steps and then the button right under the graph...the feature to show all steps on you watch which is the combination of the phone and mobile. 

 since the watch batterybis under 2 days I have two watches so i can get sleep tracking as well unfortunately the watch won't show data from the phone so it shows as if my step count is much lowe le because the first half of the day inused my second watch 


New Tizen 4 does not solve the problem.

The total of steps is still not shown on the watch.

So we will have to wait.


It would be nice to know, why it is so difficult to implement this usefull feature.






I have been hoping for this feature as well.  I use two Samsung wearables, one as my main wearable and the other while the main charges.  Since I still move/walk, etc with the secondary wearable the main still has missing steps from its daily/weekly reports.


I had an Android Wear before this and it would sync steps and activities from multiple sources and display the data on all the devices equally once synced.  Maybe this was a feature overlooked by Samsung or trying to be implimenteded without infringing on a patent or other protected feature copying clause.  Glad to know it may be coming in the future.


"We are currently exploring ways to implement the feature suggested for future wearables".


In other words: We may implement this years down the road, at a time after someone else offers this (Android Wear 3 years ago) and you have become frustrated waiting for us to catch up that you moved away from our products.  We will however act like Apple and introduce the feature 7 years after competitors and claim it as a new innovation.  We also already sold you this item, making money from the sale and will not gain any further money by adding features.  We may add this feature to another item to  entice you to purchase it, making us more money.


Yep, hard to disagree. The sync functionality between the phone app and watch was half-assed.


I don't understand why this feature would be so difficult to implement. The user's basically 'punished' for lack of steps should they leave their gear s3 at home for the day. Not exactly what you'd call an intuitive system.


The new update tizen 4.004 adds exactly this functionality to my S3 frontier. Very pleased. 


Indeed, the Tizen update release May 2019 does improve syncing between phone and watch including syncing total step count and displaying the same on the phone and watch.  No more only watch steps on watch and needing to check the phone for "all steps".  This is true on the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier.



Its a shame they got rid of the calorie allowance chart I.e under, good or Over in the summery widget and now it needs a separate widget.
Yay! Same here! I initially had to open the Samsung Health app on the phone and let it sync, but after a Samsung Heath app update on the WATCH yesterday, things seem to a bit more automatic.

Interestingly, there seems to be some back and forth between the phone app and watch app as they hone in on a common updated step value. I haven't tried to see what happens if there is no data connection (i.e. no wifi)

Anyway, I'm super excited about the progress. Yes, thank you team Samsung!
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