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Samsung health app showing wrong burned calories

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Hi, i have Samasung Note 9 and Galaxy Watch 42. Recently using the watch to track my cycling i have noticed Health App showing is almost doubling the amout of Burned Calories. Fir example, my watch would show cycling activity burned 955 calories but my Health app would show:  Calories burnt = 2912 kcal

Activity = 1355 kcal

Which is clearly no correct as i i ha done only 1 cyclying trip which is 950kcal + noraml active time would be 400kcal (acceptable) .

But the total is adding up to 2912 kcal is completely no accurate??!! 

Health App is set to track all steps from Phone + Galaxy Watch. 

Please help

Thanks Active trip is 950 kcalActive trip is 950 kcal


Steps from phone + WatchSteps from phone + Watch


Calories burnt not accurateCalories burnt not accurate


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 have exactly the same issue with the app. It is really annoying and I had to even switch off Bluetooth and Wifi so the watch wouldn't get messed up data by the app.


Samsung, can you solve this bug?

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