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Samsung Gear VR with the image tilted or not horizontal

(Topic created on: 11-01-2018 07:51 PM)

I got a Samsung GearVR (2017 with controller SM-R324) to play with my Galaxy S7 edge, the Gear360(2017) camera and the NX1 camera with its awesome 45mm prime lens with 3D capabilities. However, all I see on the Gear VR is tilted about 5 or more degrees counterclockwise (to the left).

Yes I read the user guide/manual. It states:
"The image on the screen looks tilted or skewed
Remove the Gear VR and place it on a flat surface with the lenses facing forwards and the Focus adjustment wheel at the top. Wait 5–7 seconds before using it again."

I did that and nothing changed. I did it by adding some stuff on either side of the headset to "push" for something to show different after its auto-callibration process. But nothing changes. I tried also blocking with the finger the proximity sensor and releasing it while the headset is leveled on the table, but nothing changes. The image is tilted to the left. After some time it does bothers a lot specially when moving the head.

So, I searched online and found MANY forums where this is described and since long time, but in none I was able to find a solution. Consumers have even returned their devices due to this issue. It seems to be a problem with the auto-callibration process of the gyro sensor of the headset, in addition to the lack of support form Samsung in providing a firmware update or an app update that allows the user to modify the horizontal level.


Does anybody have resolved this issue?
Many thanks!

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I've been searching for a resolution to this as well.
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I have this issue, as well.

You might try the 'Technician' mode which is accessed by dialing * # 0 * # then selecting 'Sensors' and run both Gyroscope tests. There are several how-to's online, e.g. search for "How To Stop Virtual Reality ( VR ) Drift On A Samsung Smartphone Tutorial"