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Samsung Galaxy Active 2 - ECG

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Any new updates on whether the ECG will be 'activated' in the SGA2 in the near future?


I'm on the prowl for a new smartwatch, as the Fitbit Charge 3 is a little basic and I can't stand the gloss of the Apple products.


Withings Move ECG looks great but without a continuous HR tracker, it's a bit offputting.


Thanks in advance guy.


Hello Sir_Davros!

In case you were not aware, it looks like the ECG and Blood Pressure Features are released in Korea, but nowhere else at the moment. I assume because awaiting Certification still.

COVID-19 has almost certainly slowed things down slower than they were progressing, but at least the Features are out there for the home Market, so that may be a good sign that we will one day see them elsewhere.

I gather some have been able to download the Blood Pressure Feature, but had to do so via a VPN, presumably to disguise their IP and Country/Location so as to fool the Servers based in Korea catering for only Korean owners.


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