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Pleasantly surprised by Buds 2 Pro

(Topic created on: 03-02-2023 07:18 PM)

With no free buds being dished out with my newly ordered S23 Ultra and my Buds Plus being near the end of their useful life, I decide to bite the bullet and ordered a pair of Buds 2 Pro (it helped that O2 in the UK have a good deal on at the moment)

I've had 2 pairs of Buds Pro, both given free with phones, but the things would never stay in my ears; Its all very well having better sound quality, but if the things are constantly falling out the ear, they are pretty useless. So, I was searching around for something to replace the Buds Plus, even if they weren't Samsung buds.

However, I think I've found what I was looking for. Its still early days, but the Buds 2 Pro seem to be the solution to my problems; I got them today and immediately set out on a nice long walk, they never fell out or felt loose once, in the hour or so I was out, they also seemed quite comfortable. Sound quality is very impressive (of course a big step up from the Buds Plus).  

So as of writing I think my buds problems is solved. If, like me, you've missed the wingtips fit of the Buds Plus, you may want to try the Buds 2 Pro, they don't have the wingtips, but they do have a matt non-slippery surface and they fit snugly in the ear. Ear bud fit is always a bit of a personal thing, but so far with my experience I'd happily recommend the Buds 2 Pro.

Samsung Members Star ★★
I also bought my buds 2 Pro, no freebie. Honestly they were worth the money I paid on release. So if there is a good deal i would recommend to get them to anyone. Did get irritation on first use. Its not returned and all good so far.
Samsung Members Star ★
They have a great sound and feel so comfortable.
Make sure you have the latest software update for them.
Made them sound much better.

Don't forget you have different sized ear tips to try and get that perfect fit
I had the original Buds Pro before I upgraded to the Buds 2 Pro. The sound quality, active noise cancelling, and the fit is noticeably better. Even the hinge on the case feels nicer. I do miss the happy jingle switching to noise cancelling mode on the original Buds Pro to be fair - it was majestic!
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Same I got mine when that first came out, I love them

I did get a good deal on them as I was in the US when they released