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HIIT calorie tracking

(Topic created on: 13-01-2021 10:01 AM)
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Really getting to me now that my calories are not tracking properly and the "same amount" is being burned per half hour. These watches are not cheap and I expect to be able to get a HIIT setting! Please advise. In 2 minds to send it back and get a different watch! 

has anyone got an official response on this? Who do I email/ring. It's pathetic


I've had this issue with the galaxy active 2, turns out the workouts that are not running/walking all have preprogrammed calories burned. I've asked for this to be put on the website so people who require fitness tracking do not get sucked into buying a Samsung watch.

I dm'd Samsung help UK and this was the response:

Good afternoon! Thanks for reaching out to us. We just want to clear up that they aren't pre-programmed calories that are burnt. Certain workouts, like walking and running for example, will take into account your heart rate, along with the stats given on your Samsung Health Profile. There are some workouts that will not utilise the heart rate, but will take in to account your Samsung Health Profile and Basal Metabolic Rate. So they are tailored to you, providing your profile is accurate, but you are right, some workouts don't use the Heart Rate Monitor.

If there are certain workouts you feel could be improved, we suggest sending in your feedback through Error Reports on our Samsung Members app. That way, this will be sent over to our Research and Development team for review. ^JS

And another stating:

The calorie count displayed does not mean the exact burned calories during exercise, and is not the same as the true burned calorie data. The calorie calculation may increase based on the basal metabolic rate (BMR), even without exercising. This is normal operation. You can find this information on the following page our colleagues have put together:

Also, the new ECG/BP update is not to be used during exercise. You can find more information on it here: ^SH

I've reported it a billion times for it to be changed on the website and maybe update the watch but apparently it's been that way since the watches existed. Better get a fitbit or apple watch for better calories tracking