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Help - Windows Audio issues using the Buds 2 as a gaming headset

(Topic created on: 25-09-2021 03:07 PM)
First Poster

Connecting the buds to a windows 10 PC sets them up as plug and play with no issues. Windows will show there being two distinct devices, one is "headphones" and the other is "headset". Setting the default playback device to headset works as intended when you play a game but the mic will not work in-game, additionally there is also an unacceptable lag in audio to the buds of about half a second.

So.. if you set the default playback device as the Headset then yes the mic works with the audio and the sound lag is gone.

However... this makes the headphones unusable for pretty much any game. The reason for this is that Windows sets the audio sample rate for the headset to 1 Channel at 16,000Hz. This sample rate is too low for the game to output to so the result is playing a game with no audio.

The issue is that the ability to change the sample rate for the headset in windows is greyed out/disabled.

If anyone has managed to overcome this issue then please share the solution here. TIA.