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Help getting blood pressure monitor to work

(Topic created on: 04-02-2023 01:34 PM)
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Hello everyone,

So I've purchased a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 wearable back when it was released a few years ago while I was in the United States.

However, I haven't had the chance to set it up there, instead I've done so at my current country of residence. (Romania)

I have access to the ECG monitor as it has been approved both in the US, and in Romania, yet I am unable to access the blood pressure monitor, it cannot be found on the watch itself, and when I try checking on the Samsung Health Monitor app on my phone it's telling me that no compatible watch has been found.

The Watch and the Phone are both US models, and they're running the newest software available.
I would appreciate some help regarding this issue, as I think that it is unfair to be lacking a functionality that has been approved, and that I have paid for.

Thank you in advance,

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US have not approved Blood Monitor, therefore you won't be able to get it until approved.

I have same problem as I got my GW5 Pro from the states but I don't really use it Blood Pressure monitor so doesn't bother me
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@Members_BmjXFvx    Indeed apparently no sign of the FDA  approving the  Blood Pressure Monitor anytime soon, there are some concerns over accuracy.  Best to take a few measurements daily really. Once I thought my readings were a bit high,   was similar on traditional monitor though.

Some information here 

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After seeing online that the Watch 5 has the blood pressure monitoring, I upgraded to this device.  However, it seems that I can only check ecg.  I've been reaching out to Samsung support for help on this matter and keep running into a dead end.  Then after more research online user videos it looks as if this function actually has to be manipulated via outside sources.  I'm confused and just want to confirm if my device actually has the ability to check blood pressure before my 15 days of purchase expire to exchange the device for a wearable that actually can monitor blood pressure.  Does the Watch 5 have the ability to check blood pressure as well as ecg as shown

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If you don't have a Galaxy phone, their Health Monitor app won't install. It is this app that does the blood pressure monitoring.

There is no technical reason for this. The explanation that I find most convincing is malicious corporate profit seeking by attempting to get you to buy another Samsung device.

It appears Samsung have written an antifeature to attempt to force you into the Samsung ecosystem.