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Galaxy Watch4 bluetooth connection problems

(Topic created on: 10-09-2022 10:27 AM)
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Hi all, I have recently bought Galaxy Watch4, it's working fine except when I leave the bluetooth range and it disconnects from my phone (Galaxy S10e) about 50% of the times it won't reconnect automatically until I unlock the screen on my phone. It's really frustrating and I have tried everything I could find on the internet - resetting the watch, clearing the wearables app cache, clearing bluetooth cache, reinstalling the wearables app, I have even went full in and reset my phone to find that the issue persists. The phone and the watch are on the latest firmware updates. I am ready to return it to the store, but maybe someone had this problem and found a solution?

P.S. Before that I had Galaxy Watch Active2 without this problem.

Not related, I am waiting for Galaxy watch 5 pro 3rd replacement
1 st one - Adaptive light sensor was not working
2nd - Blood O2 sensor was not working
3rd - waiting for 3rd, I am genuinely disappointed and exhausted, calls to CS, technical teams and running to the local parcel collection station to hand over the returns

I think some machines or humans should check these units before it get boxed

I think you should return and get a replacement, because you gave your hard earned money and whatever in the manual .. Should be there and working..