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Galaxy Watch - not showing notifications when phone is on DND


For last 2 weeks my Galaxy Watch stopped to show notifications when my phone is set to do not disturb (DND).

This was from my point of view an obvious use ,why somebody wants to use / buy smartwatch -> to be able to get notification even when phone is "silent" (DND in this case)


Everything worked as a charm, but I had to unfortunately hard reset my phone and install all from scratch. As I installed Wearable app, it for some reason reseted also the watch during pairing (which might updated the FW as well).

Since then my watch dont show notification when phone is on do not disturb...

By the way that am sure, that i dont have DND sync turned on in my Galaxy Wearable app ( in wearable app there is one setting group related to syncing "sync phone settings" . One of the settings is to to "sync dnd between watch and phone".  I believe that this should be exactly he setting causing problems, however it did not for work me 😕 )

I did alredy try to reset the watch again....

Galaxy wearalbe version:

Galaxy Watch Plugin:

Watch SW version :  R805FXXU1ESD6/R805FOXA1ESD6/R805FXXU1ESD6

Tizen Version:


I would be very glad if Samsung fix this back to previous state, otherwise the galaxy watch is no go for me 


Does anyone else experience this issue lately?


as i am still struggling with this issue, i have tried to find other solution -> do not use DND on phone at all and try to silent the phone rather by the setting in wearable app "Notifications -> Mute Connected phone". Which should make sure, that my phone is "silent" when i receive the notification, and i rather get the vibration on my watch....


However this is also not working and there is some bug. Somehow (i did not get the pattern yet), one day is working and the other not...



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