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Galaxy Watch and Strava


I just bought the Galaxy Watch 42mm, and so far I'm happy with the watch. The UI is great, navigating with the bezel is a dream, and notifications work great even though I'm using an iPhone.


However, the fact that I have no option to use Strava with the Galaxy Watch, either native app or through Samsung Health, is mind-boggling. And infuriating. Especially since Strava is featured as one of the apps for the Galaxy Watch on Samsung's website ( 

Imgur link showing how they feature the Strava app on Galaxy Watch (


The only communication regarding Strava on the Galaxy Watch is from @StravaSupport on Twitter. Which in itself is weird. No communication from Samsung, yet Strava informs the community that Samsung is working on an app.


I really hope Samsung tells us what their plan is, and when we can expect the Strava app. Featuring an app on their "showcase" page that isn't available several weeks after launch is unacceptable.


So, Samsung: what is your plan with regards to the advertised Strava app on the Galaxy Watch?


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I guess I'll have to be the bringer of good news....


Strava and Samsung just launced the native Strava App for their watches!!

I was holding out for this news before I placed my order for two galaxy watches for me and my wife!


A friend of mine is already running the native app on his gear S3 since yesterday.


Apparently live segments will also work.

And in future will be able to connect to external HRM strap. 

I hope these two will come true, but nontheless, so happy that we finally get a native Strava App on Samsung watches!!

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I agree, I purchased the watch purely on the basis that the Strava symbol was advertised on the watch, implying that it was already available. 


I'm probably getting the wrong end of the stick here but you do realise you can set up Samsung health to automatically sync to Strava via connected services?

Either you’re wrong, or I’m an *****. 

Can you explain how? And are you using Android or iOS?

Not with the iPhone you can’t. The Samsung Health App on the iPhone doesn’t support Strava connection setup. Also there are a range of capabilities the inbuilt running app doesn’t support ... like average pace can’t be displayed while running. Samsung showed Strava on the watch in their advertising and this is what many of us purchased the watch for.
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Incidentally they have shown it running on the watch at trade shows. 

Ok my bad. I'm on android, so I can only speak for that.20181004_175035.jpg


I cannot get Samsung Health to sync with Strava. Yesterday I saw an activity from Strava sync to Samsung Health, but activities from Samsung Health does not get synced to Strava.


I am starting to regret buying the Galaxy Watch - The heart rate monitor doesn't really work with fitness either 😠

Did you ever manage to resolve this? I too bought the galaxy watch in part based on the misrepresentation in their adverts about Strava support. Is there a way to sync from Samsung to Strava and see your run/ride with map and segments? 

Nope. Though I must confess I only tried it a couple of times after this. When I go for a run I take off my Galaxy Watch and put on my Garmin VivoActive 3 instead. That way I get synced to Strava immediately AND the heart rate monitor works, unlike on the Galaxy Watch.


I know Galaxy Watch to Strava sync works for some people. My Strava only syncs TO the Galaxy Watch, not the other way around.


After my run, I take off the Garmin and put on my Galaxy Watch :face-with-stuck-out-tongue-and-winking-eye: Pfft.

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