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Galaxy watch Active run issues

(Topic created on: 07-04-2019 10:39 AM)
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I just bought a galaxy watch active and went for my first run with it. I can see the run had been recorded in the Samsung health app, but it doesn't show the run on a map. I was expecting it to plot my run on a map like other apps do, it recorded my other stats like speed & distance etc. Is that normal or do I need to enable something?


I noticed that while i was running, the watch face defaulted back to the clock face. Is there a way to have the watch always display my stats as I'm running, like pace and distance? 


Also, i did the run before i linked the Samsung health app to my strava account. I've done this now, but my run is missing from strava. I can't see any obvious way to manually export the data into strava, how can I do this?