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Galaxy Watch Active making calls?

(Topic created on: 24-04-2020 01:02 PM)
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Hi all,


I've had the watch Active for a few days now and thinks it's great. One issue I'm having is making calls from the watch. I understand you still have to use your phone, but to get it to work on my Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5g firstly I had to go into 'other permissions' on the phone and accept the 'start in background' permission for the Watch Active Plug-in, otherwise when I attempt to start  a call using the watch nothing happens on the phone, although the watch does display  'check your phone'. Anyway, with that permission granted the calls work, ....but only when my phone screen is on, it will not wake my phone and make a call....which is annoying as if I have my buds in I have to use my phone to start a call instead of the watch.

AIso I can't end an outgoing call via my watch (no red 'end call' icon on watch screen). Everything else between watch and phone seem to work perfectly, all notifications I've enabled work, incoming calls work flawlessly.


Could there's be another permission I'm missing somewhere to have the watch 'wake' the phone when I make a call?

I've tried reinstalling Galaxy Wear, resetting the watch, disconnecting and reconnecting the watch to Bluetooth.


Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance