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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Bad For Running

(Topic created on: 26-10-2022 01:35 AM)

Has anyone  else had the following problem? The watch 5 pro is quite a good smart watch but not a great sports watch. I turn on the always on display when running but it doesn't appear to be truly always on. It goes into a semi dimmed state until I raise my wrist. It also seems to pause the real-time data so that it is not showing my accurate pace until I raise my wrist and the display goes back to full brightness. Instead it looks like it shows the pace from when the screen semi dimmed. When I do raise my wrist full brightness comes back and the real-time data changes to display my current speed/pace etc. This means I have to raise my wrist and wait a few seconds for the data to update which makes the alway on screen completely useless and also means I'm looking at the watch way too much just to get a quick update.  



I had the same problem with my Galaxy Watch 4 too. I also own a Garmin Epix 2 which does not have this problem and is an excellent sports watch but not a great smart watch. I got the 5 pro as I wanted the LTE and really hoped this problem would have been solved as it is promoted as a good sports watch. 



I'm sure this is easy to fix and I hope Samsung do so. Or am I doing something wrong? 





Exactly the same issue here. I got the Galaxy watch 5 pro LTE a week ago and this issue makes the watch not usable for running. At the moment I'm doing the 10km program. It is impossible to get a reliable pace from watch. Any suggestions from Samsung?