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Galaxy watch 4 issues

(Topic created on: 25-10-2021 08:34 PM)
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Bought a Galaxy Watch 4 44mm 2 weeks ago. Got to say I'm mostly disappointed with the watch. A watch for that price point shouldn't have silly issues like I'm facing. I have the watch on the latest firmware & all apps are up to date. It's paired with my Note 20 Ultra 5G.

  • Firmware version: R870XXU1CUJ2
  • Samsung Health version:

Here are my issues to date:

  1. Sleep tracking records very little deep, usually just a few minutes per night. This is obviously very inaccurate, I'm a deep sleeper I know it & other watches I've owned confirm this. 
  2. Sleep tracking records too much awake time, often getting to 50 mins spread out as random short minutes throughout the night. That's inaccurate again, I don't wake up at all most of my nights. 
  3. Oxygen measurement while sleeping doesn't record anything. I have it switched on in settings but it doesn't work, it has never worked for me. 
  4. The watch records my heart rate only for the first 3 minutes of my workout. It just stops recording for the rest of the workout. I wear it correctly on my wrist, that I'm sure of because when I open the heart rate widget, it measures the HR immediately. 

For all these issues I've tried resetting all settings and setting up everything afresh to no avail.

I'm very disappointed, considering what I had to go through to land the watch in my country & what I'll go through to return it. 

Samsung can do much better than this to be honest. 

I use the Samsung galaxy watch 4 classic with the same phone I also use a note 20 ultra 5g and to be honest I have never come across such issues. However have you checked to make sure your setting are not conflicting also. The only thing I have noticed was a delay in how long it took the watch to recognise an activity session to be recognised but this again is due to fluctuations in hr (heart rate) the only thing I could recommend would be go though Samsung members and connect via live chat to an agent who can help you you might have a defective watch or a setting could be out also in some countries certain features are not allowed so please check to make sure your country allows this as this might also affect how your watch works
Oh my god I have been laughing all day...
Last night I took my watch off to charge an forgot to put it back on. This morning I pick it up to see it recorded 6.40 hours sleep!!! 🤣 the most sleep it has ever captured and it wasn't even on me 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️