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Galaxy watch 4 Classic keeps switching to 'Stand alone' mode

(Topic created on: 21-12-2022 12:03 AM)
So I have upgraded from a Galaxy watch 3 LTE on EE in the UK, that ran on Tizen.

With this watch, as long as I was signed into my Samsung account on my watch and my phone, if I left my phone switched on at home and just had my watch, I would get my phone notifications pushed to my watch 95% of the time when I was in good 4G areas.

But my Galaxy watch 4 Classic LTE watch on EE, running on Google Wear is no where near as reliable. I would say most of the time, my watch is showing the phone symbol at the top, with a line through it, and my phone is stuck in 'Stand Alone' mode. I have great 4G signal. I can make and receive calls from watch, and use the data for downloading apps / Internet etc. But I can go hours without any phone notifications being pushed through. Other times, it works perfectly. There's no consistency. 

It's like my phone is going into power save mode temporarily. I have even left my phone charging all day, with all powersave options turned off. 

I believe the Watch 4 uses Google cloud based 'sync' - is it just a case that it's very unreliable? 
I bought the LTE watch mainly so I could leave my phone at home and still get my notifications, but I can't rely on it, only for phone calls. 

Just to add, watch works perfectly fine on Bluetooth, with no disconnections ever. 

Black Belt 
Hi, make sure to go into the watches settings & select the notifications option then app notifications, it will give you an option to open it on your phone, then scroll down to show phone notifications on watch & toggle on.