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Create option in Samsung Health to automatically keep Samsung Galaxy watch "alive"

(Topic created on: 13-01-2021 08:56 PM)
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I activate Samsung health to record my exercise and also very importantly to provide me with real time information during exercise.


When running I am usually pushing myself and concentrating on my pace and rhythm and when I lift my watch oftentimes the screen face doesn't automatically activate. This is extremely annoying, and even more so, when in trying to get it to activate, I inadvertently push the button that pauses the run program.


What I want is that when I start my exercise program the watch automatically keeps the display permanently active, which means I can lift my watch and see my exercise information with no more worries about the black screen or inadvertently pausing my exercising program (as i would never need to touch the watch). On "finishing" my exercise program, the watch should then automatically return to its normal display behaviour.


I understand that some people may prefer the existing behaviour, which is why I would propose the introduction of a Samsung Health configuration toggle switch something like "keep display alive during exercise program" - that can be enabled or disabled according to personal preference.


There is an app called "I'm alive" that I can use to keep my watch face active continuously while I'm running - so I know this suggestion should be entirely possible to achieve. While I do use this app, it is a bit clumsy and also I sometimes forget to turn it off post exercise resulting in needless power loss. 


I should mention that during my searches for some solution to this problem, I have seen a LOT of commentary on the web from people who exercise with the Galaxy complaining about exactly the same thing. So it is certainly not just me who feels this way.


Thanks for taking the time to read this - I really really hope you give it serious consideration.