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BMI - Crazy error mixing weight and height - Samsung Health - Galaxy S8

(Topic created on: 07-06-2018 04:26 PM)
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I have a Galaxy S8 and a Gear Sport.

In my profile on both Samsung Health mobile app and the Gear Sport profile, I have set correctly my weight in kg and my height in cm.

On the mobile App, I noticed that on the Weight widget (not the Weight management widget), when clicking on Track, there is a scale icon indicating my weight (which is correct), and on the bottom there is a metric for BMI that is crazy incorrect --> 160!!

Also, on the bottom, there is a metric for height, which is not displaying my height in cm as it is on my profile, but instead it's showing my weight.


When I click on the INFO button, there is an explanation about BMI and how it is calculated. The formula example uses real values, and I can see it is using my weight / my weight squared.


As I know a bit about programming, I believe the more likely explanation is that a programmer did a mistake and called the variable for weight when they should have called the height. 


Is anyone else experiencing this issue?