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Adding a third party App to a Galaxy Watch 4

(Topic created on: 29-11-2022 09:45 AM)
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Hi all, as a diabetic, I now have an App on my phone that allows me to scan a sensor stuck to my arm, that shows my blood glucose levels. This is a much quicker and easier way than the previous finger pricking type blood testing. I can also get an alarm when my blood glucose gets dangerously low or high. A low blood sugar can be life threatening if not treated in time. The problem is, I can sometimes miss a warning alarm if my phone is in its belt holster. So I got a Galaxy Watch 4 to synchronise to the phone App and get the alarms on my watch, but I cannot install the App on my watch, as it isn't in the available App list on the watch. The App is called LibreLink, from a company called Abbott Freestyle (yellow icon). I don't think the sensors will work with 2 different devices though, so is there a way I could synchronise the alarms from my phone to my watch at all? Thanks for any help.

This is my general advice

When it comes to high quality 3rd party App support for

1 Health and fitness
2 Medical matters, such as Blood Glucose, Blood pressure, Direct link with you Medical teams etc etc

Galaxy watch is absolutely useless, it has no high quality 3rd party App support, other than music and general extention to the phone, such as Google assistant etc, this watch is just a basic phone extention with very basic health and fitness support

For to have high quality Rich 3rd party backup or support, particularly with medical matters, the King 👑 is APPLE WATCH, everything you can dream of in relation to blood Glucose monitoring, direct link to your doctor etc are with Apple watch

If you are into hardcore health and fitness then it's Garmin watch

If one is answering calls on the watch and walking around your living room to collect steps then Galaxy watch
Hello @NewSteve, under Samsung Health>3 dots>Settings>Accessories there are a couple of Blood glucose meters. But yours isn't there, nor is mine hopefully the list will grow over time.
In the meantime have you checked your Notifications on your watch? Especially in Show phone notifications on your watch. I have Show alerts even when the phone is in use enabled. Unfortunately, it means you get double notifications but I prefer that to missing something to fo with my medical condition. Also, since acquiring the watch I dont carry my phone as often so I want all my notifications.