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Implications of using an un-authorized service partner

(Topic created on: 17-12-2020 02:24 PM)
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Implications of using an un-authorized service partner

We would like to share with you the importance of using an authorized service partner next time you need to repair your Samsung mobile phone. This is how it works: when using an authorized repair center you cannot only rest assured that the repair is to the highest standard, but you also keep the warranty for your phone.


If, on the other hand, you have it repaired at an un-authorized service partner, there are several potential implications, where an immediate effect is the loss of warranty. Another important implication, when replacing a broken screen for instance, is that un-authorized service partners do generally not replace the battery. This is done free of charge for our most common models when repaired by an authorized service partner. Moreover, IP classification is only valid if the screen was replaced by an authorized service partner.


We would like to share the above information with you to ensure that you fully understand the difference between having your Samsung mobile phone repaired by an authorized or non-authorized service partner. For more information on where you can find an authorized service partner, please visit our support sites (Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark).

// ElinH