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Using a sky Q dish with a Samsung TV

(Topic created on: 14-11-2023 02:56 PM)
So I'm going to get rid of Sky Q and was going to get a freesat box and connect it to my dish but then I discovered I could just plug it straight into my Samsung neo qled tv (model QE65QN95BATXXU) instead of shelling out on a box 

What's the best settings to scan and give you the most channels, I first used auto tuning, freesat, dual aerial connection type (as I've got 2 cables coming from the dish) and didn't change the LNB settings which gave me around 166 channels and then used satellite, again dual aerial connection, channel type, all and left all the other settings untouched with satellite selection at Astra 19.2E which gave me around 247 channels (which maybe the most I'll get anyway) 

Doesn't seem to be much of a TV guide though as could only view programmes up and coming over the next few hours, as I wanted to set schedules for future recordings, in the same way you do with Sky, ideally set recurring recordings if possible, like series link on Sky

Also any recommendations on hard drives or Ssd's to use with Samsung tv's, so you can record, pause and rewind etc

Thanks in advance
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@Nij  Think that is the likely the maximum number of channels, when pressing guide should be able to select scheduled recording     can see a Tv guide here 

4k though only available via the select freesat Boxes 

Whilst  Samsung tend to recommend hard drives with an external power supply and a maximum capacity of 2 TB and 5400 rpm, however USB powered devices have been fine for some customers.

Further information here 

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Awesome, thank you for this information, not too fussed about 4k but I am tempted to get a freesat box, wanted something with a 7 day tv guide, not sure why it doesn't work on my TV, I did scan the channels with satelite, dunno if I scan again with Freesat, it'll make a difference