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Unable to display my own images in art mode. 50005 error

(Topic created on: 30-07-2020 09:13 PM)

I have a 43" frame tv.  I was previously having the problem with a white "loading" line remaining on the top of the screen.  That issue did not present until I subscribed to the art store.  The white line that appears when art images load would not go away and sort of screwed up the look of the art mode.


I have not seen that issue for a while.  What has happened recently is that I have been unable to show my OWN images.  There are still there, but if I try to set one of my photos as an art image, I get a 50005 error.  This is the case whether or not I use a favorite image or not. 


Unfortunately, I have had a heck of a time getting those images on the tv.  My one box is in the attic, so it is not easy for me to stick a USB in any time I want, and the iPhone app disconnects with the tv all the time, preventing me from loading more than 1-2 images a day.  Problems, problems, problems.  I would like a 75" version for my living room, but not with all of these issues...