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UHD TV 7 Series 65 inch UE65RU7470U TV stand screw size

(Topic created on: 12-06-2024 02:21 PM)
First Poster

Hello, I've lost the screws to fix the TV to the TV stand that came with the TV and I have no idea what size they should be when ordering new ones, the user manual is absolutely useless and doesn't even list them only a shoddy diagram with a picture of them (where to screw them). This has been extremely frustrating as I can't mount the TV on the wall and we've moved house so it's just sat up resting against the TV cabinet. I've searched all over trying to find these screws to no avail I ordered some which appeared to be the right ones as my research led to buying them but without actually knowing the size it's been a difficult job! The screws I ordered of course didn't fit and nowhere near the right size so I give up! I'm hoping someone here can assist me and tell me which screw I need? It's not to mount on the wall but to instead attach to the TV stand that came with the TV. I would appreciate any help!