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UE49RU7300KXXU Model code was incorrectly changed after engineer visit to UE43RU7300KXXU

(Topic created on: 03-12-2020 11:55 AM)

Hi, I had a repair to my TV, (WIFI constantly crashing and disconnecting) so an engineer was arranged to fix it, and he swapped out the whole board and installed a new one, he then had to re-enter information on the new one to tie it to the TV.


(I would like to also state that i still have problems occasionally with the Network disconnecting, then after power off and on TV via socket, comes back on again, as well as having poor CPU and Internal Storage, as well as the inability to remove apps i dont use, i regret having ever purchased this TV, and wont again buy a Samsung.)


However, I have just noticed that the Code on the info screen has been incorrectly entered, and the model has been changed from 49 to a 43 inch status. (I know its just the screen size that it is identified as)

I know this isn't a biggie, however i want it changed back properly, as it wasn't cheap and I don't expect any mistakes at all, on such as expensive item, it is now under an extended retailer guarantee for a few more years, and don't want this to be a technicality in the future, if for any reason it need repaired again.


Is there a way to access the info and change it via remote management, that the engineer can do, or a software setting.


I have tried countless times to get support from online chat, but that is just a waste of time, as there seems to be no help available, and have to go through and exhaust the chatbot questions every time, to find out there isn't anybody there at all, and not allowed to sit in a queue... why not just allow a wait time?


Anybody, photo attached.

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