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TU8000 frame rate issue?

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Hi all. I purchased a brand new Samsung TU8000 2 months ago from Crampton and Moore. Since day one I've noticed an issue with what I assume is the tv struggling with the frame rate of the broadcast.


When watching non UHD broadcasts that are on either Sky Q or Freeview, when there's a slow pan on the camera there's often like a stutter / frame rate change. 


It doesn't do this on UHD broadcasts or on Amazon prime or Netflix. It's as if it's struggling with upscaling.


I have all the picture processing features turned off.


I assume it's a software issue but there's not been any updates since I got the TV. 


Anyone else have an issue??




Does this frame rate issue happen after you watch 24p HDR content?

There is a bug in Samsung firmware. When the TV goes back from HDR to a normal mode - some picture processing feature (Auto Motion Plus?)  gets silently enabled (but in Expert Settings menu it still listed as "Off").

When you see this frame rate issue - go to the Expert Settings -> Auto Motion Plus (or I think it's now called Picture Clarity Settings in 2020 models) and turn it on and then off.  Frame rate stuttering should now be gone (until you play 24p HDR content).

This issue exists for years now. I've seen it in 2018, 2019 and 2020 models and it still not fixed.

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I seem to have the same problem but with Netflix, prime and any streaming platform. Seems to be a stutter or lag or FPS glitch that happens for like 1-2 seconds then goes back to normal almost like the FPS gets cut in half and there is a huge lag for a moment. Doesn’t seem to happen in game mode so far and I have messed with all settings outside of game mode like motion, noice etc and it doesn’t change. Was wondering what this could be. Sometimes happens once a day other times multiple per hour 


There is a stutter issue on the Q range of TVs especially using Sky Q. Large thread on the AVForums site where some people have some suggestions for work arounds. Seriously thinking of returning my Q80 as it'll drive me nuts.

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I bought 4k TU 8000 TV two weeks before. I too had the same issue with frame rate . It is not smooth when I watch movie video. I can observe delay in object moving and some times missing some object movements. Samsung must update the software . I am not satisfied with your TV. 


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