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smart remote control country code

(Topic created on: 15-01-2018 06:30 PM)

Hi there :smiling-face:

I’ve just bought a brand new Samsung 65 inch 4k TV that comes with a smart remote control. I would like to access TV apps from

different European countries (especially the UK). However, all codes for switching stores that can be found online appear to be incorrect. I followed all procedures as stated online. My remote doesn’t even show the  buttons needed for entering the codes.

I was able to switch the app store on my older Samsung TV that was manufractured in 2012 so I know that these codes exist even though some people working for Samsung keep denying this. 


This is what can be read on the sticker attached to the TV set. For data protection, I won’t publish the S/N


Model: UE65MU7009TXZG

Version No: 02

Made in Hungary


Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd, Euro QA Lab.

Blackbushe Business Park

Saxony Way, Yateley, Hampshire

GU46 6GG United Kingdom


 Could you please help me with the code?


Thank you!