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Samsung ue55nu7172u sound dropouts over optical output

(Topic created on: 03-06-2021 09:59 PM)
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Recently I've bought Ruark MR1 MK2 speakers which I had connected via toslink cable with the TV (samsung ue55nu7172u). Unfortunately I experience intermittent audio/sound dropouts, these are the most heard when listening to mp3s from the laptop connected via hdmi to that TV or CD albums using the bluray (sony ubp x700) also connected via hdmi with the tv. I connected via hdmi also the Nintendo Switch which also has these sound dropouts. The same issue is when listening anything from the YT using the laptop. When I watch something from USB pendrive directly connected to TV or using the youtube app in the TV I don't experience that issue. Bluray and TV are both configured to PCM sound. The TV doesn't have bluetooth nor AUX out, only optical toslink. There is no issue when using TV's speakers.

What I did until now:

- tv factory reset
- upgrade all firmwares in all devices to the newest (bluray, nintendo switch, tv)
- tested ruarks by using PS3 optical output (no issues)
- tested ruarks using very old small samsung tv/monitor Samsung T23a350 and connecting via optical toslink (no issues)

The strange is that when I watch e.g. Lord of The Rings 4K UHD (using the bluray) which has the sound of very good quality (dts masteraudio 7.1 of relatively high bitstream downmixed to pcm stereo) the issue is no more or is so small that is left uncaught by my ears. What is also strange is that sometimes I observe some self-adjustment phenomenon (rather on tv's side than on ruarks), I mean when I'm playing CD album long enough in my bluray then that intermittent sound becomes rarer and rarer or at least more tolerable (small volume dropouts than less than second silence). I have any auto volume options disabled in my TV.

The worst dropouts occurred when using laptop, so I attempted to "debug" the problem by using it. Windows/Linux make no difference. Tried different sound options in Windows 10 (changing sound frequency), also no difference. Then I tried to play DVD on my laptop and I seen that the issue is no more. I did small expirement - when the DVD was playing in VLC I reduced the volume in VLC (but the DVD was still playing unpaused) and played The Great Pretender on Youtube which has always been dropping out - and the issue was no more, I tried it several times and could reproduce this "fix" every time. It seems to me like something in the TV, be it the chip processing hdmi audio to optical or the updatable firmware (I don't know which is responsible for that sound path processing) makes some adjustments depended on the content sent through the HDMI.

Does anyone have similar issue and was able to fix it? If not, should I change the TV? I hear that both Samsung/LG have issues like this. Does anyone have similar issues with recent Sony UHD TVs? I was thinking about buying HDMI switch with audio outputs, but I don't see any known producers for it, so I'm not sure that additional box would help, I fear it could cause another downgrade in sound quality. I would like to have something which would help me to bypass TV's sound at all, something which would have HDMIs as the input, single HDMI as output and some audio output for my Ruarks. I also don't want to buy amplifier (I have rather small room, so it would be like using canon to hit a fly - or wouldn't be?). Or maybe there is some good accessory to convert coaxial or hdmi audio outputs from my bluray to optical? (aux in ruarks is already reserved for another device).



 This worked for me, my amp is connected via hdmi


I have the same problem with S95B tv and two different DACs (SMSL SU-8 and Aune X8 XVII) and two optical cables: micro audio dropouts every 2-3 seconds on tv channels and internet apps and usb media. I have this problem since I bought the tv in october 2022 and I had the board replaced by Samsung because of this.

I am not using HDMI so this fix doesn't apply.

I have discovered that it is related to the tv antenna being plugged in. If I remove the antenna, after a few seconds dropouts disappear (on internet apps and usb audio). Plug the antenna back in, and dropouts come back live ater a few seconds. Antenna reception is ok. No voltage surge detected on antenna cable.

It looks like there is some internal process on the tv that trigger the antenna connection that adds jitter to the optical out. It seems firmware related. Please before end of support please fix this problem.