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Samsung Smart Remote with Sky Q - Up and Down not working in Sky menu

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Hi all,


My Samsung Smart Remote has randomly stopped working fully with my Sky Q box. I can hit the home button and bring up the Sky menu, but the moment I try to click down to access the TV Guide, it just doesn't respond. 


I can go left and right, just not up and down?!


Any suggestions? 2018 Samsung QLED with Sky Q (ES240) box. It's worked perfectly fine for the last year but the issue started a few days ago. 

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Hi, I am having exactly the same problem for the past couple of days....

Let me know if you find a solution please.


I'm having the same problem, just started tonight! Did anybody find a solution? 


It seems to have sorted itself out, all workin a few days after the problem started.

Try to update your TV software manually see if that helps?




es240 q box

q9fn 65 tv


i have what sounds like the same problem, 

smart remote works to control the q box but for 2 functions 

1 press channel button does NOT open q home page

2 push channel button up and down does NOT open the channel guide that scrolls up and down the right hand edge of the screen giving all the sky q channels. 

these 2 options used to work on sky plus hd but only work briefly on this q box. 

have I understood correctly that my problem is the same as yours? 


I have the same problem. I cannot bring up the Sky full menu from my Samsung smart remote. When I press the channel button nothing happens. Help pls!


It may be frustrating, but just power everything off and back on. 

If it doesn't work, persevere using your normal Sky remote as it eventually sort itself out. It's happened twice to me over the last 3 years. 

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