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Samsung QN90B - Is turning off repeated cautions & advice possible?

(Topic created on: 26-05-2022 07:59 AM)

Just wondering if it is at all possible on the Samsung QN90B to turn off perpetually repeated cautions & advice info popups?

After the first number of times of using the QN80B features I soon became tired of repeated advice information popups such as the one which advises “changing this setting could increase power consumption”.

I’m all to familiar that certain features may use more power consumption and if for some reason I didn’t know before, then it would have only been required to have notified me for the first few to several times (actually once/twice would be enough). However the repeat Information is becoming tiresome and I would very much like to turn this feature ‘off’ as it spoils the whole experience of using the device on a day to day basis.

I’ve looked and can’t find any setting for this. Is it something that currently can only be accessed within an engineer service mode setting, until Samsung provides an update to incorporate into General Settings?

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Push. Jeepster1 is totally right, it gets super annoying quickly. Especially when you are changing brightness manually often, using voice commands – these energy warnings HAVE TO GO for good. I'm an adult person, I pay for my energy, I'm used to energy saving as I do it in all aspects of my life. I don't need to be treated like an ***** by a device whenever I change a setting!

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I got my new QN85C and those popping up message boxes with the energy consumption warning is driving me nuts!!! It makes the usability of the UI infuriating and turns you into a child.  Who thought that his would be a good idea?