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Samsung Q90T vs Sony X900H vs LG CX by Vincent

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Don't want to spoil your day if you have Samsung and can't return it, but if you have the possibility then this video should convince you to do so. The best way to show manufacture that he id doing something wrong is by voting using your wallet.

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What? He gives the pros and cons of all 3 TVs and does not tell you not to buy the Samsung. He gives a fair comparison and says the Samsung is good for some things and not for others, same for the LG or Sony. The major problem I would have with LG is burn in... look at it with the OLED on his video after the white block appears for 20 secs. That's insane and worrying. It's why I bought a QLED instead. On the flip side, the blooming is much worse on Samsung but it's a trade off...


I'm returning my Q90T for a Sony XH950 and missing HDMI 2.1, there are far too many issues with the new tech and tired of being treated like beta testers. I will revisit in a few years.

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