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Samsung Q9 and Q95T Sound Issues

(Topic created on: 05-12-2020 06:57 AM)
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My Samsung Q9 was connected to a Sony ST5000 soundbar with no problems. 
I had to update my TVs as a previous curved Samsung Tv failed so I went for the Q95T. 
As it has earc, I connected it to the sony soundbar which has Atmos too. 
With Virgin Tv on, I can use pass through and auto plus Atmos on and all works okay. 
When I switch to freeview however, there are drop outs on sound. Changing to PCM fixes this but it’s fiddly and a nuisance. 
I moved the Q9 downstairs which is a superb LED and connected it by Atlas Mavros optical cable to my server player, a Cambridge Edge Nq 2
Once again, constant sound drop out and not usable. Furious as the player cost a bomb and the optical cable was expensive too. It worked perfectly with my old Samsung curved tv JD9000.  
whats going on Samsung, apart from the fact that quite clearly the Q95 is a much dumbed down version of the Q9 which is 2 years old? The whole thing feels cheap and fiddly plus I’m furious you did not make 55 inch versions of the 8k Qleds. 
Another strange quirk is that whilst watching Virgin TV, there is no difference toggling between PCM/Auto and pass through. When switched to PCM my soundbar should show that the signal is LPCM. But it still highlights Dolby Digital.