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Remote not working except power button also randomly cycling through sources

(Topic created on: 19-07-2020 09:05 PM)
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Remote buttons not working except power button. Tv randomly cycling through sources even when remote batteries removed. Buttons on side of tv not working either except to bring up menu screen but with no ability to navigate I cannot access any settings. Also set top box remote no longer operating tv except for the power button. Tried manually resetting both tv and remote. I also removed remote batteries cleaned remote and checked the IR sensor. IR sensor is working fine and tv sensor is flashing indicating the signal is being received by tv but no buttons work except the power button. Also re-paired remote for tv and set top box but issue persists. Unable to access menu to reset sound or to restore factory settings. Unable to find instructions on how to pair my particular remote as all the instructions say to use play/pause button but my remote has a play and a pause button. I cannot find any information in the user manual on how to do this with my remote. 1595190852041734017374.jpgAnyone else had this issue? Tv is model code:LE40B530P7WXBT with remote model no:BN59-00863A. Based in UK if that helps.