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Q90R freesync question/help

(Topic created on: 02-05-2022 01:32 PM)
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Hi Everyone,

Can someone explain to me why say if im on my series x, when playing 4k 120hz hdr with freesync active on port 4 (Hdmi Frl), why does the refresh rate stay at 119hz constantly? It does not fluctuate as it should but it states its active in the tv's info bar. On the flip side, dropping down to 60hz put the hdmi at tmds spec, when this happens the refresh rate adjusts but this range is only 60hz maximum.


On ps5, no matter what you do, if at 60hz the refresh rate stays at 59hz, if a game activates 120hz mode, the refresh rate stays at 119hz, as it stays in hdmi frl spec for both refresh rates, if i drop thr resolution to 1080p then it works as intended, using 1080p forces hdmi tmds spec, so it seems to work for tmds but not frl, is this correct or am i completely off? Is it infact still working when using frl and its just a bug with the firmware? It certainly appears so to my eyes.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.