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Problems with new UE55MU6470U and source selection and universal remote

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I have the following setup

Sky Box connected directly to the TV hdmi 2

PC connected directly to the TV hdmi 3

PS3 connected directly to the TV hdmi 1

Technics stereo connected directly to the TV optic port

I have setup my Technics system on the universal remote and linked this with the Sky box so I can change the volume on the stereo when I’m watching sky.

The problem I have when I try to setup anything after this the TV seems to get confused and stops working correctly…

For instance

After I get the sky box and stereo setup together “the TV created an icon SKY-Technices” I then try to setup the PS3 on with the stereo also “the TV created an icon PS3-Technices” but after this only one or the icons will work.

it seems that in the process of setting them up the sources get messed up and sometimes also the icons as I have also had 2 icons created for SKY-Technices even though I was setting up the PS3…

After setup if I turn the TV to the PS3-Technices icon the PS3 will be displayed and I can now change the sound, but if I tune the TV back to the previously working Sky- Technices icon it will no longer show the Sky but instead it will display the PS3 in the place of sky.

When looking at the universal remote menu the source are set correctly but then using the icons there all messed up…

This also happens on the PC also

I would have thought this would have been an easy thing to do but this is turning into a very frustrating problem on a new TV


PS no updates available when tried

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