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More Problems to be solved!!

(Topic created on: 11-02-2020 10:37 AM)
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Problem with HDR content causing backlight malfunction on RU8000 49” TV

After playing HDR+ content from Amazon Prime (eg: Grand Tour) when going back to play standard SDR, HD or SD content from any other source there is a notable loss of picture quality and brightness.

After testing the TV multiple times to track the above fault, it appears the backlight function becomes faulty after playing HDR content on Amazon prime. The backlight level drops along with some contrast and I notice that the backlight function no longer works correctly. When increasing the backlight level from 35 to 50 (max) the picture display actually gets darker and is of very poor qualtity. 

If the TV is soft reset (holding down the power button for 5 seconds) then the TV will function correctly again until I watch HDR+ content on Amazon Prime. Then the backlight malfunction happens again.

NOTE: all eco settings such as ambient light and auto dimming features etc are disabled. The problem is the same in any picture mode (eg: standard or movie)... Latest firmware update did nto fix the problem either...


Annyone else found this?