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Major Colour Cast in Art Mode Frame TV 43" 2020

(Topic created on: 27-08-2020 05:52 AM)
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Recently purchased two 43" 2020 model Frame TVs.  Have the latest firmware, and have gone around in circles with support.


When in Art Mode, it picks up the colour of anything around the TV.  Normal TV is fine.  But if you have, lets say, a black and white photo, with a white mount displayed in Art Mode - and your TV is mounted on a blue wall - you get a blue tint across the entire image and mount.  The tint gets dramatically darker/stronger the more daylight enters the room (so at midday it's a very deep blue).  At night, under artificial lighting - the art shows pure white, as it does first thing in the morning with minimal daylight.


Support say something is wrong with the TVs, return them.  However, it's happening on both TVs, and I can repeat the fault endlessly.   I've tried swapping the TVs over (we get a purple cast in one room, and a blue cast in the other) - and the colour cast remains with the room - rather than the TV.  I can't believe this isn't a firmware issue.  


One local Samsung representative said it is "as designed".  Sorry - how can that be?  Why would I want white to display as anything other than white - let alone all the other colours in the rainbow.  I'm sure the artists providing the artwork to the art store would be horrified to see colour casts all over their images.


Has anyone else experienced this?  I shouldn't have to have a pure white room in order for these TV's to work properly.


Model:  QA43LS03TASXNZ

Firmware: 1304


Did you ever figure out how to solve this problem? I also have the 32" 2020 Frame from John Lewis and I have the exact same problem. It looks fine at night and the white point is very white, but in daylight it's yellow and looks especially awful if I try to take a photo of my room with the Frame in view. It's extremely disappointing and my other friends tell me their TVs aren't like this. I don't want to go through the trouble to return it to John Lewis if all the TVs will do the same thing!

Just to note, I've done everything I can possibly think of to fix it: turn off ambient light, turn off night mode, fix white balance, turn off eco mode, check dynamic mode, and so on. The TV picture itself is perfect, but the Art Mode is extremely disappointing. Even more disappointing because my husband and I are both artists and we'd love to display our own work, too.

If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it.



It has sensor that automatically adjusts WB based on what it sees. I guess its way too aggressive.

Some solution would be to find out where that sensor is and try to cover it with white paper and see if it changes something. If Im correct its where physical controls are on that TV.


I am also DESPERATE for a fix to this issue. The whole yellow colour-cast in art mode makes it unusable, not to mention is a major slap in the face to the artists whose work they're selling