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Cannot find BBC, ITV Channel 4 apps after resetting Smart Hub

(Topic created on: 04/05/20 13:26)
First Poster

Hello, first time poster here!


I have a Samsung UE40H6400AK. We've had no issues with the Smart Hub previously but yesterday I reset the hub as our Plex app seemed to be frozen. 


However, once i restrted the Smart Hub, I could no longer find BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub or All4 apps on the Smart Hub. I even used the search function on the small smart remote, but searching brought no results. There are lots of other apps on there and I have succesfully added Netflix and Amazon but no joy for the BBC, ITV or Channel 4 apps. 


I went on Samsung Live Chat and had an agent remote control my TV. He updated all the software etc but still no joy. His only answer seemed to be to take it to a repair shop for a hardware check? But everything worked fine before the reset (except Plex). 


I have seen there have been some issues with iPlayer on Samsung TV but not sure what the deal is as my TV is a few years old. 


Any guidance would be greatly apreciated!