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Beats solo 3 wireless

(Topic created on: 13-01-2018 09:03 AM)
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Regarding the pairing of my beats headphones with my galaxy s8+

When I first paired my phone with my headphones, my phone gave me the option of using Google assistant or Bixby when I pressed the beats button. I chose Google assistant but it won't let me dismiss a timer using Google assistant and my headphone button. It will however if I use Bixby by activating it using my phone but talking through my headphones. I am trying to change it so that when I use my beats button it activates Bixby on my Samsung Galaxy S8. I have tried resetting my beats by holding the power button and the down volume for 10 seconds and also resetting my Bluetooth history/settings but nothing seems to give me that initial choice that I had. Please help