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Introduce yourself to the Beta Community!


Hello everyone and welcome to our Beta Community!


We are thrilled to have you all here! :smiling-face:


Your contribution is what makes this community so alive. Every topic, post, idea that you share is very important and we are grateful for it, as those are essential pieces to make this place even better!

We, the moderators, do our best to help you out during the Beta process with tricky cases and by forwarding your valuable ideas and insights to our development team.


We hope that you will enjoy your stay here and that together we can make this an exciting experience for you.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you, so you will get to know us a little bit better!


Who are you? Why have you decided to take part in the Beta programme? What are your expectations about Android Q? We can’t wait to learn more about you!




All the best,

Community Team

Superuser I
Superuser I

Hi to everyone.  I'm Leon from UK Superusers. 

Superuser I
Superuser I

I started with betas few years ago.  Not always went smooth. 

My issues with this beta started with registration itself.  I had a Official UK ROM but sim was from different country. (You need UK sim to register) .

So I inserted my UK sim and went through registration. Downloaded beta (through OTA) and installed it. I also backed up my data to SD card. Just in case. And then problems started. After installing beta rom the 0hone couldn't boot. Looped few times and then displaying error (part of recovery menu) . Only  option for me was factory reset.  It worked.  The phone booted. 

But data was gone (lucky I had copy on SD, or so I thought). I forgot to decrypt SD card before updating to beta. Data was lost as after factory reset the encryption keys are lost.

Then I installed Samsung Members app. 

Welcome to beta screen appeeared but clicking on feedback or notices buttons gives a popup saying that device or Samsung account is not registered with beta. Of course my device is (was) registered for beta and also my Samsung account.  Is it an issue caused by factory reset (there were no other usable options)? 


I had exactly the same issues as you have described. Having installed the last beta for the 9.0 pie and everything installing smoothly I thought it would be the same in this case... I was wrong! I'm my case though, I didn't bother make a backup of the phone data or settings. Guess what?? I had to eventually do a data factory reset and lost EVERYTHING. Spent the next couple of days putting the phone back to some what as it was before selecting that INSTALL NOW button. Probably will not be entertaining the beta programme next year that's for sure.