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Find out more about the Beta program here!

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Experience the next One UI powered by Android 10 first!



Join the beta program for One UI 2.0 now *


One UI has come a long way over the last year, and now we are going to make it even better with the power of Android 10 under the hood. And as a Samsung Members user, we are offering you exclusive access to all the new features before anyone else…


More details on the update and how to apply to test the new update below…


*Please note this is Beta Software, which means it is an advanced release of software issued for the purposes of obtaining feedback.  Although the Beta Software has been tested, you may experience issues using it.  As part of the Beta Programme, you will be asked to report these issues through the Members app so we can help improve the new One UI.   Samsung is not responsible for any data loss or other issues you face using the Beta Software*




Striving for a better tomorrow with the next One UI


One UI is Samsung’s custom version of Android that dictates everything from how your phone looks to how smooth it is switching between apps. The next One UI builds on the amazing features of the first One UI by taking the strain off your eyes, day or night and allows you to customise your device and daily routine with a more intuitive and refined interface.


Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ users can now join the Beta test and experience the new features on their Galaxy.


Let’s take a closer look at the new and improved One UI…

※ Galaxy OS upgrade service support may vary by device model.

Galaxy OS Upgrade service may be limited depending on the device model.




Continuous Innovation of the next One UI


#1 Enhanced Dark Mode


Reduce the stress on your eye’s day or night by softening the display with Dark Mode.


The new enhanced Dark Mode offers you better image, text, and colour adjustment, making it even easier on the eyes and improving battery life.


With Dark Mode ON, your wallpaper naturally darkens, easing the strain on your eyes.




Widgets and alarms will also naturally darken.




#2 Smarter Wallpaper


The next One UI is able to detect which area of the wallpaper is light and dark, and changes font colours accordingly for increased legibility. Now that’s smart.




Dark font colour on a lighter background. Lighter font colour is applied on a darker background.


#3 A greater focus on Digital Wellness


Set a healthy digital routine on the next One UI. You can now reduce unnecessary smartphone usage and focus on what really matters.



Wind down before bed: Notifications will be muted and the screen will turn to black and white to help you sleep better.




Focus Mode to increase concentration: You can now set times to block apps and alarms so your phone doesn’t distract you when it’s time to focus.




If you need to concentrate, you can block apps and alerts for a certain amount of time.


#4 Keep your device in check


Optimising your Galaxy to keep it in perfect condition is easier than ever with all the information you need at a glance.




Easily monitor your phone’s battery, storage, memory and security.




Check for any unnecessary images taking up space in your storage.


Beta Programme:


As a Samsung Members user, we want you to be the first to explore the new features and design of the next One UI! Help us to improve the Galaxy experience by sharing your suggestions and error reports during the test.


How to participate


  1. Become a Beta tester

Click on the button below to submit an application.


  1. Software Update

Once successfully signed up, go to Settings, select ‘Software update’, and then select ‘Download and install’.

This will allow the software to update and load the beta version of One UI.


※ One UI Beta Programme is only available to Galaxy users. You must sign up for One UI Beta Programme through Samsung Members app.
※ One UI Beta Programme is only available on unlocked Galaxy S9 | S9+. Beta Programme period and compatible devices may vary by location.

※ One UI features may differ depending on the devices used on the Beta Programme.

※ Images shown are for illustration purpose only.


*The above descriptions are based on Android 10.


All the best,

Community Team :smiling-face::thumbs-up-sign-emoji-modifier-fitzpatrick-type:


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