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How to use Live Translate for phone calls on the Galaxy S24


How to use Live Translate for phone calls on the Galaxy S24

The S24 comes with a number of AI-powered features, including Live Translate. This particular feature translates phone calls in real-time directly on your device. You will essentially have your own personal translator, which will make multilingual communication easier.



Please Note:

  • At the time of release, 13 languages (17 regions) are supported; additional languages will be added in future updates.
  • Some of the supported languages below are only available by downloading a language pack.
  • Supported languages (regions): Chinese Simplified, English (India, United Kingdom, United States), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexico, Spain, United States), Thai, Vietnamese.

How to turn on Live Translate

Before you can use Live Translate, you must first enable the feature in your device's Settings. The following instructions will assist you in completing the process.

Please Note: Ensure that you are connected to a network and logged in to your Samsung account before proceeding.


Step 1. Open Settings >Tap Advanced features.



Step 2. Tap Advanced intelligence.



Step 3. Tap Phone.



Step 4. Toggle the switch to On.

* If a pop-up window appears when you tap the switch, follow the on-screen instructions.



Step 5. Set your language in the Me section and the other person's language in the Other person section.

* If you need to download the language, tap the download icon next to the language required. Once the download is complete, scroll up to the top of the page and tap the language you need.


Please Note: You can also access the Live Interpretation settings screen from the Samsung Phone app > More options icon (three vertical dots) > Settings > Live Translate.

How to use Live Translate during phone calls

Once you have set up Live Translate in your device's Settings, it's time to try out this new feature on a phone call.



Step 1. Make or receive a call using the native phone app > Tap on Call assist.



Step 2. Tap on Live translate.



Step 3. Bixby voice will automatically use the language configuration selected in your device's Settings to start the conversation.

Please Note: Translation results and quality may vary each time.

Other features include:

  • Mute voice: Allows you to block the other party's or your voice on a call so that only the translation is heard.
  • Language and voice presets for each person: Allows you to set languages and voices to use for calls with specific phone numbers or contacts.