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Unable to turn WiFi on after flat battery tab s

(Topic created on: 12-12-2023 07:39 PM)
First Poster

I have an old but still very nice Tab S which has been unused for a couple of years and I just decided to get it going again. The battery was completely flat so I charged it overnight (it does seem very slow to charge) and it appeared to be working fine until I went to connect to WiFi. Turning WiFi on from the network drag down bar it just says turning on but never finds the available networks just eventually says turn on WiFi to see available networks. Bluetooth is in a similar state. I've tried clearing the cache, removed the SD card, set time and date correctly and turned on and off many times. Google has a few reports of this but no solutions. One of those posts did factory reset with no improvement so I'd prefer not to do this as nothing has changed since it last worked. I'm sort of guessing it's a hardware issue. I had been about to buy a new battery as one of the reasons for not using it was very quick discharge and very long charge but I don't want to waste the money if the WiFi doesn't work. Any help gratefully received .